Meet the menagerie

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Calves & Lambs

Each year our house cows and small herd of sheep have lots of offspring! We rear dairy calves and often take in orphans from neighbouring farms too.

The Chickens

We have a gorgeous array of chickens, from tiny pekin bantams to rescued brown shavers, huge orpingtons and even some blue egg laying araucanas.

The Dogs

We have a team of 5 working dogs and just as many pets! It's a full house with our lot at dinner time.

The Pigs

We breed free-range Saddleback pigs! Make sure you join us on our Facebook page and you won't miss out on seeing them grow.

The Horses

Meet the happy horses and ponies that occasionally take us out on rides around the farm instead of on two or four wheels!

The Sheep

We have a small flock of sheep that have lambs each year. Ted is absolutely sheep crazy and loves nothing more than bringing them into the sheepyards.


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