Raising Chicks for Cyclone Gabrielle Victims

Raising Chicks for Cyclone Gabrielle Victims

A lot of people are only just returning to their properties and homes, nearly a year on, and we thought a practical way of helping them along is to donate chickens to Cyclone Gabrielle victims. Many lost their homes, pets, stock and chickens of their own in the flood, and since we have mentioned this project on our Facebook Page, we have been inundated with people requesting chicks. To help make this a reality, I have set up a GiveALittle page here, to help fund buying day old chicks, feeders, drinkers, heat lamps, an incubator, broody pens, and all the things we need to get chicks to new homes.

If you can help, please visit our GiveALittle, even a small donation can really help, and this is a really direct way in knowing you are helping someone recover. Follow along on our Facebook Page as we raise them and gift them all!



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