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Investing in our on-farm health and safety

We are improving our on farm health and safety, with the recent purchase of a second PLB (Personal Locator Beacon).

These things are a significant investment, but worth every dollar, for the peace of mind when you are often working on your own, with bulls, in patchy cell phone reception. Press the button and you have a chopper looking for you within minutes, guided by Satellite Navigation to the precise location of the beacon.

We already have one PLB and have decided to invest in a second, for our farm worker.

Nathan and Hayden spend a reasonable amount of time working on their own, so it is extra peace of mind for everyone, when they have a bit of kit like this on their belt.

The farming industry has traditionally been one of the most dangerous sectors to work in, with quad bike and tractor accidents accounting for an unacceptably high number of on-farm fatalities. Times are changing and education around health and safety is improving. Add in these types of new technology and hopefully we will begin to see significant progress in this area.

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