Hi, I'm Sally, a mum of three boys, nine, seven and four, married to a beef farmer, Nathan, in rural Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. This blog is filled with uncensored, unedited photos, videos and articles, telling you exactly what it's like to be farming the land in this day and age. Keep reading to meet the kids below!


Meet Charlie – the serious hunter of the family! Dedicated to eradicating the entire pukeko, peacock, rat and stoat population of our entire farm with his slug gun. Often seen commentating in our videos, Charlie's enthusiasm for farm life and taking care of the animals we raise for food truly shows how ethical farming teaches our children to be compassionate and to understand where their food comes from.


This is Oscar! The most accident-prone and biggest animal lover of the family, Oscar is always collecting bugs or frogs, and you will always find one of our terriers curled up on the end of the bed with him while he's asleep! Oscar loves heading out with big brother Charlie in the early mornings for 'hunts', where they sometimes disappear for a couple hours, and later regale me with stories about how they nearly broke a leg scaling down a gully!


This is Ted. He's absolutely obsessed with herding his lambs and calves and pretending to drench them in the yards. A real farm boy, his favourite place is sitting in the big John Deere tractor with dad, and often happily spends the whole day out with him. Probably the most determined of all the kids to spend his time covered head to toe in mud, poop, water (or all of the above), Ted keeps us highly entertained on the daily!


Hi, I'm Sally: your narrator and modern day farm life guide, (as well as hopefully a successful educator!) and storyteller. Together with my husband Nathan, we farm beef cattle in Patoka, New Zealand. My goal is to treat you not only to fun family stories about life on the farm, but to show urban dwellers how a modern day farm runs (well, at least ours!), and how we ethically and compassionately farm our animals, whilst raising our kids to understand where their food comes from.

Meet the Kiwi Country Kids!

Meet Charlie, Oscar, Ted and their pets and find out about all their fave things here.


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